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Dental Specialities

When a tooth is visible above the gum line and your dentist can easily remove it , the procedure is a simple extraction.

Decayed teeth removal
teeth color fillings

Tooth coloured fillings such as Composite resins and Glass ionomer cements are used to match the colour of the teeth.

Painless automated root canal treatment is done to save the decayed tooth involving the pulp.

Automated root canal treatment
Smile correction with braces

Metal or ceramic braces to align your teeth bringing beautiful smile on your face. Happy Smiles bring confidence and improves self esteem

Cleaning and polishing of teeth Cleaning removes stains and tartar and make teeth and gums healthier. Polishing makes teeth shiny.

Cleaning and polishing of teeth
whitening of teeth

Whitening makes teeth whiter and brighter.

Removable acrylic dentures and Cast partial dentures are ways of replacing missing teeth to bring back the function of chewing.

Removable raeplacement of teeth
Ceramic and zirconia crowns and bridges

Ceramic and Zirconia crowns and bridges are fixed type of replacement of missing teeth for chewing and bringing back aesthetics. These are most comfortable than removable type of replacements.

BPS dentures are more resilient with high quality,helps in complete replacement of teeth.

BPS dentures
Dental implants for teeth replacement

Dental implants are artificial root analogues placed for replacement of missing teeth. Ceramic or Zirconia crowns are placed on Dental implants to bring back mastication. Dental implants bring near normal restoration of natural teeth.

Flap surgeries help in treating bone damage caused by gum and bone disease ( periodontal disease)

Flap surgeries for gum treatment
Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth surgeries are done to remove abnormally placed wisdom teeth in the bone not amicable for normal extraction.

Laser is used for various treatments in Dental Specialities. Laser flap surgeries are commonly carried out nowadays to treating gum and bone disease which minimises time and ensures faster healing. Lasers are used for sterilisation of root canals, depigmentation of gums,etc.

laser treatments

Face & Jaw Specialties

Abnormally positioned maxilla (upper Jaw) and mandible (Lower Jaw) can be surgically corrected to bring back aesthetics and function of the jaws. the abnormalities would be either forwardly positioned maxilla or mandible or backwardly positional maxilla or mandible or backwardly positioned maxilla or mandible or it may be both jaws positioned forward. (Bimaxillary protrusion).

surgical correction of abnormal jaws
treatment of oral cancer

A non healing long standing ulcer inside the mouth or an unscrappable white patch inside the mouth may be signs of oral cancer or a precancerous condition. Early detection of oral cancer is completely curable..

Road traffic accidents, (bike, car bus accidents, etc) sport injuries, fist injuries, falling down lead to fracture of various bones including the fracture of the jaws.
Fractures of the jaws are fixed by plates and screws to restore form and function of the jaws..

mandiable fracture of jaws
jaw joint problem correction

Jaw joint or the Temporomandibular joint involves two bones namely Temporal bone and Mandible and an intervening articular disc surrounded by muscle and ligaments. This is the only paired joint which works in unison.( Both joints act simultaneously)

Any derangement in these structures lead to Jaw joint problem commonly associated with clicking sound and pain. They can be rectified by timely intervention.

Neuralgia is a condition that causes paroxysmal shooting pain in the pathway of a nerve. It can be treated with medicines and injections into the nerve. It can also be treated surgically by doing neurectomy.(excising the nerve)

neuralgic pain treatment
treatment of oral diseases

Oral diseases can be treated medically or surgically. Timely intervention will cure almost all the Oral diseases

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